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Korean for Beginners (EKG01)


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Content of the Video:
1. How can I learn to speak Korean?
2. How is EASY KOREAN different from other Korean lessons?
3. Why is Hangul not used?
4. How did you learn to speak Korean?
5. So how can I take the lessons?
6. Where can I take the lessons?
7. How long will it take for me to speak Korean?
X. Tell me something Koreans say a lot!

In this very first lesson of EASY KOREAN, we discuss how one can actually learn to speak Korean. Learning a foreign language is a lot like learning one's first language. Repetition and many hours of listening are the keys to success.

Hangul, the Korean alphabet, is not part of the grammar lessons. Babies born in English-speaking countries don't learn to read ABC before they can speak. Only after they can speak at a certain level they learn to read and write. That's why EASY KOREAN lessons put the focus on listening and speaking. Learning the Korean writing system will only get in the way of learning Korean for beginners.

Each lesson is divided into three parts: grammar, listening, and vocabulary. Grammar videos explain the rules of the Korean language. Listening and vocabulary videos are brain exercises. During listening videos, each sentence is broken down into small parts so viewers can practice listening and speaking. Vocabulary videos utilize mnemonic techniques to help viewers easily memorize Korean words.

Each grammar lesson will finish with a silly, random question at the end of the video.

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