Learn Korean the Easy Way

Korean Grammar Lessons

Lessons on Korean
sentence structures,
word order, parts
of speech, and more

Korean Listening Exercises

Listening and
speaking exercise
videos with
animated stories

Korean Vocabulary Exercises

Korean vocabulary
videos (flashcards)
using mnemonic

I. Grammar Lessons

Learn Korean without Korean (say what!?)

How to speak Korean

Do you speak English? Good. Because that's all you need. Everything is written in English so, you won't have to spend time learning to read and write Korean characters. You can quickly start learning to speak right way.

II. Listening Exercises

Listen, rinse, and repeat (well, except the rinse part)

Korean listening exercises

What are the three most important things in learning a new language? Sound, sound, and sound. Without exposure to people speaking the language, you won't learn much. With EASY KOREAN, listening exercise videos you will be able to practice both listening and speaking Korean.

III. Vocabulary Exercises

Memorize Korean words with interesting sentences

Learn Korean vocabulary

Korean words can be quite confusing because similar sounding words have very different meanings. But with mnemonic techniques and the right selection of words, studying Korean vocabulary can be quite easy.

Memorize Korean words

Each word in vocabulary exercises has pronunciation sound.