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Hangul Reading Practice (EKH05)


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Okay. I think now we are ready to combine vowel and consonant parts together. Let's quickly go over them again one more time.

(Ee), (Ah), (Yah), (Uh), (Yuh)
(Eu), (Oh), (Yoh), (Woo), (You)
(Eh), (Ae)
(Wah), (Wuh), (Weh), (Wee), (Eui)

('geu'), ('ggeu'), ('deu'), ('ddeu'), ('beu'), ('bbeu'),
('seu'), ('sseu'), ('jeu'), ('jjeu')

('neu'), ('leu/reu'), ('meu'), ('eu'), ('cheu'),
('keu'), ('teu'), ('peu'), ('heu')

Okay. So I'm going to make things really easy. In this video, we're going to look at some English words or English-based words in Hangul. Now some of these words may not make any sense because they are basically Korean words.

So the first one is (gah), (seu). 가스 (gah-seu). Can you guess what the word is? It's 'gas.'

(beel), (ding). 빌딩 (beel-ding). This is an easy one. 빌딩 (beel-ding) is 'building.' Notice how a consonant shape goes underneath. So each letter here has two consonant parts and one vowel part each.

(cohl), (lah). 콜라 (cohl-lah). In Korean, instead of saying 'coke,' people say 'cola.'

(sah), (ee), (dah). 사이다 (sah-ee-dah). 사이다 (sah-ee-dah) is from 'cider,' like in 'apple cider.' But it actually means a clear soft drink, like Sprite. So "Sprite" in Korean is 사이다 (sah-ee-dah).

(ah), (pah), (teu). 아파트 (ah-pah-teu). 아파트 (ah-pah-teu) means 'apart,' meaning 'apartment.' There are lots of 아파트 (ah-pah-teu) in Korea.

(shoo), (puh). 슈퍼 (shoo-puh). I don't know if you can guess which English word this is. It's 'super.' 슈퍼 (shoo-puh) means 'supermarket,' a small grocery store.

(pah), (ee), (ting). 파이팅 (pah-ee-ting). 파이팅 (pah-ee-ting) means 'fighting.' When you say 파이팅 (pah-ee-ting), you are saying something like, "Go get 'em" or 'Good luck." Another way of saying 파이팅 (pah-ee-ting) is 화이팅 (hwah-ee-ting). It means the same as 파이팅 (pah-ee-ting).

(dee), (ssee). 디씨 (dee-ssee). dee-ssee is the letters D and C. People say 디씨 (dee-ssee) to mean 'discount.'

(rhee), (moh), (cohn). 리모콘 (rhee-moh-cohn). 리모콘 (rhee-moh-cohn) means 'remote control,' "remocon."

(chee), (keen). 치킨 (chee-keen). A very easy one. 치킨 (chee-keen) means 'chicken.' But 'chicken' in Korean specifically means 'fried chicken.' When you want to talk about the animal, you'd use a Korean word, (dahg), (dahg). Notice how this one has two consonant shapes at the bottom.

So that's it. We are done learning Hangul for now. But remember you need to get some practice before you really become familiar with Hangul. So for the next five videos, we will practice reading Hangul with pictures. Take care. See you next time.

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