Korean Grammar with Cat Memes

"Great even for complete beginners"

Actual review comment from one of the readers

Korean Grammar Book

difficulty level for beginners
and first-time students

chapters covering the basics of
Korean grammar and Hangul

funny cat memes of
Soomba and Zorro

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Korean Grammar with Cat Memes is the easiest Korean language book available for beginners. Presented by EASY KOREAN, it also comes with Hangul lessons for people wanting to learn how to read and write Korean. Each grammar chapter is based on questions and answers for easy and quick learning. The following are the chapters in the book.

1. Hangul Vowels
2. Hangul Consonants
3. Hangul Exercises
4. Korean Grammar
5. How to Say Hello
6. JDM vs. BM
7. How to Start Sentences
8. How to End Sentences
9. Subjects & Objects
10. How to Introduce Yourself
11. Top Three Verbs
12. Sentence Structure
13. I in Korean
14. You in Korean
15. He & She in Korean
16. We in Korean
17. They in Korean
18. Other Pronouns
19. More Verbs
20. Asking Questions
21. Korean Prepositions
22. Korean Conjunctions
23. Past Tense Verbs
24. Future Tense Verbs
25. Helping Verbs
26. Negative Sentences
27. Small Numbers
28. Big Numbers
29. Korean Adjectives
30. Korean Adverbs
31. Answering Questions
32. More Suffixes
33. Time in Korean
34. Dates in Korean
35. Korean Proverbs
36. Sentence Translation

Korean Grammar with Cat Memes is written by Min Kim, a native Korean speaker. As the creator of EASY KOREAN, he has provided Korean lessons on YouTube to a countless number of people around the world. (Don't forget about the included cat memes of Soomba and Zorro!)

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