Korean Phrases with Cat Memes

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Korean Phrase Book

Korean phrases chosen for
travelers and beginners

example sentences in English
and Korean with pronunciations

funny cat memes of
Soomba and Zorro

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Korean Phrases with Cat Memes is your all-in-one Korean phrasebook. Presented by EASY KOREAN, it contains over 500 expressions for travelers and beginners. Each chapter comes with common Korean phrases that are designed for first-timers in South Korea and students learning the Korean language on their own. Here are the chapters in the book.

1. Greetings & Introductions
2. General Phrases
3. Common Questions
4. Air & Travel
5. Directions
6. Numbers
7. Money & Banks
8. Shopping
9. Food & Restaurants
10. Hotels
11. Time & Dates
12. Weather & Seasons
13. Phone Conversations
14. K-pop & Entertainment
15. Education
16. Job Interviews
17. Hospitals & Pharmacies
18. Emergencies

Korean Phrases with Cat Memes is written by Min Kim, a native Korean speaker and the creator of EASY KOREAN. He handpicked each phrase himself to make the book as useful as possible. Don't forget about the included cat memes of Soomba and Zorro!