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Korean Words with Cat Memes

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Korean Vocabulary Books

250+ (per book)
Korean words carefully
selected for beginners

250+ (per book)
example sentences in English
and Korean with pronunciations

35+ (per book)
funny cat memes of
Soomba and Zorro

$24.75  –  Complete Series, Amazon Kindle (digital download) 5 e-books

$10.95  –  Amazon (paperback)

$4.95  –  Amazon Kindle (digital download)

$4.99  –  Apple Books (digital download)

$4.95  –  Google Play (digital download)

The prices listed above can vary if you are outside the United States. If you purchase a new copy of the paperback version from Amazon, you can purchase the Kindle version for free through Kindle MatchBook. Download a free sample book by clicking on the links above.

Learn Korean vocabulary with the Korean Words with Cat Memes series. Presented by EASY KOREAN, this book series was created for people wanting to learn the Korean language on their own. The following are the word categories (chapters) in each book.

Book 1
1. Basic Pronouns
2. People
3. Travel
4. Languages
5. Things
6. Auto
7. Hospitals & Pharmacies

Book 2
1. Basic Verbs
2. Food & Drinks
3. Numbers
4. Places
5. Time
6. Colors
7. Public Transportation

Book 3
1. Prepositions & Conjunctions
2. Houses & Furniture
3. Arts & Entertainment
4. Animals & Plants
5. Days & Dates
6. Religions
7. Health

Book 4
1. Basic Adjectives
2. Clothes & Shopping
3. Weather & Seasons
4. Money
5. Phones & Technology
6. Restaurants
7. Work

Book 5
1. Basic Adverbs
2. Countries & Nationalities
3. Education
4. Body Parts
5. Nature & Materials
6. Sports
7. Miscellaneous

The Korean Words with Cat Memes books are written by Min Kim, a native Korean speaker and the creator of EASY KOREAN. He uses various techniques to make word memorization as easy as possible. The included cat memes of Soomba and Zorro will make learning Korean more fun!

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